Ad exchanges and real-time bidding have irrevocably changed the digital advertising landscape. Advertisers can now access their customers virtually anywhere on the Internet in real-time. This type of access takes an extremely sophisticated approach in order to capitalize on every opportunity and that's exactly what we provide our clients every day.

Many agencies wish they could offer what we do, efficiency and scale. We can access over 11 billion ad impressions per day and dynamically target the people that are most likely to convert into customers for our clients. We maximize our clients’ ROI by harnessing the power and efficiency of real-time bidding to find their shoppers online at the right time for the right price. To sum it up, our clients get higher quality advertising for less money.

With access to every major ad exchange, we can pinpoint your shoppers and deliver dynamic ad messages developed in real-time. Has someone been shopping a product on your site but still hasn’t made a purchase? TCAA can help you find this shopper and show him ads for the products he has viewed on your site and even dynamically customize ads on the fly to show the most relevant messages. Interested in getting more information? Contact us to learn more about our vast real-time advertising capabilities.