DIGITAL MEDIA: If your message isn't targeted, it isn't relevant.  Especially online.

Digital media is no longer niche advertising.  Every day it’s evolving to be more like TV, radio, and print. Your customers watch videos on YouTube, listen to “radio” on Pandora, and see banner ads on their local newspaper's website.  The good news is — they’re not immune to a meaningful message.  But how do you make it meaningful to the person on the other side of the screen?

First, you consider every touch point under the same umbrella.  TCAA uses data analysis techniques developed in-house to collect and manage data across all of your digital campaigns. (If you’re still using separate reports for search and display ads, you’re working with inaccurate data and, well, that’s kind of useless.) Then we use multi-touch attribution modeling to measure your marketing’s impact across touch points, ultimately leading to better media planning and buying decisions.

We left click-through rates behind long ago and moved on to real ROI.  The Internet changed just about every industry under the sun, and the evolution continues. As media professionals, we have to keep one eye on the future.  The processes and methodologies we’re developing and executing for interactive media today will become the future of all media buying.